1. R

    Want to Buy  Retic Stingray

    Anyone selling retic pups or know where to get one online? I haven’t seen them available for a long time.
  2. viper0397

    Yeah pups!!

    My female hystrix gave birth yesterday and to my surprise the pups are half hystrix and half retic!! The pups look sweet! I have included pics of dad and mom.
  3. viper0397

    Looking for advice please

    Looking for some advice please. I have 2 retics 3 and 4 years old that have really slowed down considerably on their eating. Of course they are retics so what they eat is very limited. Extremely picky eaters. I have 3 other rays in the same tank that still seem to be eating quite well. 1 retic...
  4. viper0397

    Retic and Hystrix.

    My male rsetic trying to mate with my female hystrix. Kind of hoping he does get the job done. Would love to see how the pups turn out.
  5. viper0397

    Update on my hystrix

    My female hystrix has settled in nicely. Here are some current pictures. Notice the face in the top view! lol I also might get some retic/hystrix hybrids out of this adventure. My male retic is all over her! LOL
  6. G

    looking for some rays for my tank.....

    Ok he is the short story..... not sure that many remember me here but used to be very very active in this forum. Have had rays for the last 15 years. Was one of the first to ever breed retic rays (17 pups shipped nationally). At one point we had 9 adult rays in our 600 gallon tank. Over the...
  7. viper0397

    Baby Reticulata

    I am really liking the markings on this 4 week old baby girl!!
  8. viper0397

    New baby retic!!

    My retic gave birth again!! This is her second litter. Only 1 pup again this time. Mom is very little though. Not sure if male or female yet.
  9. viper0397

    Could watch this all day!

    I absolutely love just sitting here and watching my rays. They are just so cool and such personality. Almost like dogs.
  10. viper0397

    Potamotrygon Reticulata

    A short clip of my biggest retic swimming around. She is pushing 12 inches. I can't wait to see what she maxes out at.
  11. viper0397

    "Teacup" stingray

    Here is a picture of my "teacup" stingray! She is a 3 year old retic in a 240 gallon tank! I remember when she was only 3 inches in diameter when I got her.
  12. viper0397

    Busy baby

    My pregnant retics baby is pretty active tonight!!
  13. viper0397

    Pregnant Retic

    I am on my second pregnancy with this girl. I am going to have to separate her for a while after this birth. My male hits her as soon as she is done giving birth. Her first litter she only had 1 pup. She is small though, only about 8 inches in diameter. I hope she has more this litter.