1. W

    What size loc-line is this?

    Can you identify the size and type of the nozzle, tube and the size of the bulkhead? Need to buy something identical.
  2. Swoll929

    240 custom sump overflow issues

    So I have a 240. 8 x 2 x 2. I drilled the aquarium myself Built My Own sump Built My Own stand and everything is going great except I cannot get the flow through my overflows I expected. I have three one-inch overflows drilled into the back of the tank and two three quarter inch return lines...
  3. Grinch

    Plumbing 101

    My most recent fish rack build made me realize how much I don’t know about plumbing. I’m sure that there are others with much more knowledge than myself on this topic, but nevertheless I decided I would share what I’ve learned in the hope it makes someone’s life easier setting up their tank...
  4. james t

    Please help Plumbing a 350 gallon tank

    Can i have some advice on what size drain pipe and return line to equal a turn over of 8x a hour for a 350 gallon please? Any recommendations on pumps will also be appreciated looking at a flow rate of approximately 2800gph.
  5. alecrromine

    return pump(s) in sump

    I bought a 180 rr yesterday and I am almost done with the sump, but I have a question about returning water to the display. the display that I have has two holes drilled in each corner. one for overflow and one for return. my plan is to run each overflow independently to the sump. but the...