ripsaw catfish

  1. R

    Ripsaw catfish

    Will this grow again?
  2. Ashan Kavinda

    Oxydoras Niger Catfish (RipSaw Catfish)

  3. Vandyfan13


    Have the opportunity to build a pretty big tank with a custom stand. 300+ gallons. 7' by 3' any suggestions on where to put overflows for sump and other recommendations you would like done or would do to yours if you could? I should mention it will be glass too. The sump I'm building will be a...
  4. Vandyfan13

    What do you recommend first?

    Building a tank around 320 gallons. sorry American haha Will have a 75 gallon K1 Fluidized Sump. Anyway I am going the Motoro Ray route, but I'm also getting a ripshaw catfish which I've heard grow slower then stingrays. Which should I buy first to make it safest. At the smaller size I would...
  5. Fishpony

    Ripsaw catfish shedding slime?

    Hey, I recently purchase a ripsaw catfish from my lfs and placed him into my tank. I watched him/her eat pellets while at the store, and it was in a tank with koi and Chinese Banded high-fin barbs. I drip acclimated him into my tank and he hasn't eaten and I always keep the lights off unless...