1. G

    River rocks from Lowes?

    I was wondering if the river rocks from Lowes would be safe to use in my aquarium. I’m talking about the bags of rocks. I already got them and started cleaning them when I realized I’m not sure how they would affect the water parameters of my tank. Does anyone know if these stones are safe to...
  2. F

    Aquarium Rocks

    Hey, Hobbyists! If you You live in Southern California and are looking for beautiful rocks then go to Jacobi Building Materials in Canoga Park. Just went there and got some AMAZING L/XL flat river rock (a big Tupperware bin) for $14.98!!!! They welcome dish hobbyists and for those of you...
  3. KenisFishRoom

    Substrate for African ciclids and what to do for a long trip

    Hello. I’m new to the cichlid world. I’m just wondering what kind of stuff to use on the bottom. I currently use a mix of small rocks and smaller pebbles. Also, what should I do for a 2 week ish... trip?
  4. PrymeTyme-716

    For Sale  Universal Rocks Stonecluster-001: Set of 12 river stones

    Here is the link to the website( I bought them from. Will trade for plants or driftwood. Email me at for pictures or message me on instagram cbanksgo
  5. Davidiator

    Rocks For Aquarium

    Hi, I need to hide my PVC piping that i want to use to make a sandfall. So i would like links and directions to make an amazing sandfall... The tank is 18" tall so that is how high i would like the sandfall. thanks :)
  6. Mount_Prion

    Bricks as a rock replacement

    So I bought some lava rock on amazon, and it showed up today and is essentially useless for building anything. They sent me less rock than I ordered, it showed up wet and coated in some kind of chemical that gives them a weird sheen, and the "large" lava rocks advertised are in fact pebbles...
  7. A

    Advise - Cold Water, Open Tank in Sunroom

    I have mostly experience with Angelfish and Bettas. I was curious if anybody can give me any references, suggestions or help with an idea I have for my sunroom? I was thinking of maybe doing something like in this picture (but maybe not quite as fancy or as large) for cold water fish in my...
  8. D

    Sharp Rock and Synodontis

    Anyone have experience with feather rock and Synodontis? The rock is sharp and from what I have read no one has had trouble with their scaled fish getting cut up, but my hands are definitely all cut up from preparing it. I have tried to grind down the edges a bit, but I would feel a lot better...
  9. D

    Foam Art Board for bottom of tank

    Quick question: I'm setting up a Mbuna tank and I'm worried about pressure points when I put all the rocks in. I have read on here about using styrofoam underneath the rocks and substrate (which will be PFS) on the inside of the tank. The only goal is to make sure I don't create pressure points...
  10. xDestro

    Any idea what this rock is?!??

    I bought this at feeders supply on an impulse buy because I want to use it for my 20 gallon long brackish setup for a puffer and gobies but I didn't think about how rocks affect the water. My tap is neutral ph and fairly soft and puffers and gobies need higher ph and hardness so could I use this?
  11. S

    Foot Tall Cave Support Ideas

    Hello! I find myself coming back to this forum over the past couple of weeks as I prepare to use my late dad's large hexagon tank to give my kids turtle a new home and I have hit a brick wall so I wanted to reach out for some help. The tank is approximately 24 inches tall and my plan was to...
  12. swomley93

    River Rocks in the aquarium

    I was wondering if it was safe ( after bleaching and or cleaning, and the vinegar test ) to put rocks from the stream in your aquarium. I have done some research and everyone i have seen has mostly said yes. And if so and there is built in green algae stuck on there will it continue to grow and...
  13. J

    Starting 55 Gallon Cichlid Tank - Input/Suggestions Appreciated

    Hey everyone, I'm new on the boards, and I'm getting back into the love of messing with my aquarium. I have a 55 Gallon tank with gravel filler, standard filtering (i'll post brand/etc if needed) and heater. I had some rocks we were going to use in our flower gardens, but I acquired them and...