1. F

    For Sale  RTM (Female) FS : 91335 P/U

    I’m in Reseda 91335 rehoming a female RTM 4-6 inches $40 pick up
  2. F

    For Sale  Female Red Tiger Mota RTM 91335 P/U

    Rehoming fee of $30 for female RTM good red color! Trade for some bushy nose plecos . In Reseda 91335 pick up only no shipping . Will try to get a pick tomorrow morning.
  3. Nilsafeller

    Midas and RTM journey

    Dont know if anyone really cares to see but I'm gonna post this thread anyways as I beleive these 2 young cichlids have alot of potential, my final tank... no more changes... hadto rehome alot of fish when I took down the tanks and tried hard to keep my favourites but ended up with only my first...
  4. E

    Wolf fish compatability

    Picked up a 265g the other day, 7'x2'x2', going to be housing some bichirs, a florida gar, a lima shovelnose, a female parachromis motaguense, and possibly a spiny eel, something like a dayi. Could a red wolf fit into this mix? Red wolf would end up being the smallest fish in the tank, and most...
  5. Mugsyc

    Rate my fish

  6. Twonvito

    Parachromis motas First spawn

    my first spawn out of my young RTM pair.. surely won't be the last I hope. The eggs are inside of the alligator skull.
  7. Loshmitchell101

    wrong ID and getting mad

    This has been a nightmare. So I argued with the guy at my LFS that their labeled red tiger motas were a tank full of dovii. The dude absolutely insisted and we squared away. I then took to a local Facebook group and most still said RTM. Am I going f'ing crazy. All I see is dovii. I paid the...
  8. manda4

    Buddy & Chica loiselli & motaguensis pair

    Ok, now that I am back on here...with a different name (password issues) I can update on B & C! I think Chica had Pop eye and was on her death bed last time I updated. Well, she is alive and blind in one eye and super healthy, Buddy is his same self...just intensly protective of his lady and...