short body

  1. S

    Short Body RTC size?

    Hey everyone, I absolutely love RTCs, but definitely cannot properly house one for life so will not be getting one. However, I know short body variations are a thing, and have done some digging but can't really seem to find much about their average size in aquaria. I've seen some people saying...
  2. Cichlids keeper

    Can all cichlid species be shortbody.

    Do individuals in all species of Cichlids have the possibility of being short bodies? Like a Midas or a Synspilum? Also I know many people don't like short bodies but I don't want to start to a war in this thread, so please don't go after other people.
  3. Cichlids keeper

    Short body Midas?

    I saw this photo on Instagram and I was wondering if short body midas are a thing.
  4. Cichlids keeper

    Red Texas Female Short Body Gene?

    Would it be possible for me to breed my Red Texas in a way so that all the Females are shortbodies while the males have normal bodies?
  5. PrinceFish

    For Sale  Short Body Golden Knife Fish

    I have a rare 8" SB golden clown knife for sale. He's fighting with my other SB knife so one must go. Pick up at 90024, Los Angeles Text Justin at: 8582529166
  6. Cichlids keeper

    Short body Red Texas-Size

    Picture is from Okccichlids' Instagram Does anyone know how big Short body Red Texas get?
  7. E

    Shortbody FH in 70 gal?

    Hey all - I recently acquired a 70 gal tank - 36 in x 18 in x 24 in What's your opinions on a SB FH living for life in this? I've always wanted a FH, I know bigger is always better. Honestly, I'm reluctant to have a 100+ gallon dedicated to a single fish. If you don't think that a FH would...
  8. fishblahblah

    Short body Texas with Crooked Body

    I found this guy in a tank at a LFS. He was in there with some african cichlids and a couple of blood parrots. He has slightly frayed fins but I wrote that off to the africans he was housed with. The blood parrots’ fins were in the same condition. I’ve had him for a couple days and he is...
  9. N

    Suggestions for rare fish to buy

    Setting up a 300 gal which will house 3-4 SB datnoids, a platinum bichir, and a SB silver aro. What rare fish do you think I could add that would look cool? I like the look of platinum fish and am open to suggestions. Thanks!
  10. fishblahblah

    Standard Length vs. Short Body Fry

    Can anyone post pics of short body fry to compare to standard length fry? Any age would be appreciated but it would be great to see some less than a month old to compare.
  11. Kiryoku

    3 Inch SRD Flowerhorn Progress.

    What do you guys think of him? He’s still very tiny shorter than my finger. Do you think he’ll turn out good as an adult? ☺️
  12. Kiryoku

    New FH Bonsai Or SB?

    Is my new flowerhorn bonsai or sb? I bought it listed as a bonsai fh.
  13. CarpCharacin

    New flowerhorn

    I picked up this short body Titanium Flowerhorn last week. I'm currently keeping him in a 40 gallon breeder aquarium.
  14. raja

    What's the difference between a short body and a bonsai/coin type?

    One of my lfs guy says that SB and bonsai are same but my friends and myself think they are different. What's the truth?
  15. F

    Weekly stock list. Mar 7 2016

    Kelberi Peacock bass 6" $78 Zebrina Pike 10" $550 Meleniae Xingu Peacock bass 10" $300 Albino knife 14-15" $260 Azul peacock bass 6" $78 Red Pike 10-12" $120 Short body Giant Gourami 8-9" $150 Short body red tail catfish 10" $450 Flag tail 4-5" $38 Flag tail 6-7" $78 Flag tail 10" $200 Albino...
  16. Kaliedoscope

    Short Body Gt (Eds Breed)

    SBGT From Eds breed (izzy here) Continued on another 2 generations adding hondo (+worm pearl) These have proven themselves to be the healthiest and most perfect sb breed I have ever encountered. God bless you Edwyn, you are a genius.