smallmouth bass

  1. tikoisdabest

    For Sale  Smallmouth Bass 3"-4" pickup socal

    I have 6 smallmouth bass for sale from 3"-4" Pellet trained $20 each

    Smallmouth Bass Feeding

    My 12” SMB sucking down a comet
  3. R

    For Sale  look for 5-7 inch smallmouth bass and a largemouth or spotted bass

    willing to trade 5-7 inch oscar and 4-6 inch azul peacock bass
  4. R

    Want to Buy  looking for a smallmouth bass and a largemouth bass

    if you are in the chicago land area or are willing to ship both fish let me now asap also we can meet somewhere also. Willing to trade 7-8 inch oscar
  5. M

    Best pellet food for numerous native species?

    I am building a pond about 2000-3000 gallons this spring. Approx 4ft deep, 10 ft length and width. I will be stocking it with many native fish including- largemouth,smallmouth, walleye, sunfish, albino Catfish, crappie, and perch. I will only buy one or two of each fish. I will purchase these...
  6. M

    What to feed 3-4 inch smallmouth bass?

    I have just recently got some very small bass and do not know what to feed them. I have bought some worms but they couldn't eat them. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. P

    In search of smallmouth

    Hey everyone! Does anyone sell smallmouth bass fingerlings? I'm located in OKlahoma. So far I gave not had any luck. Thanks for the help Josh