1. _bsafarijoe

    Help With New Cichlid Tank

    Five days ago I took my previously unused but full of water and bio medium 55 gallon fish tank and did a whole rehaul on it. I left in the original substrate and bio medium after cleaning out the filter and I set it up for African cichlids, I have not added any fish to it yet but I was wondering...
  2. RocketGarStar

    75 Gallon Oddball Tank

    I've had my 75 G forever, but I've been thinking about redoing it, as far as fish species go. Right no, I have: 1 6.5 inch Hujeta/Rocket Gar 1 4 inch Payara (growin him out) 1 6.5 inch African Featherfin Cat 1 4 inch Jack Depsey 1 5 inch Gourami (Not a Giant, but I don't know what it is yet)...