spiny eel

  1. A

    Half banded Spiny eels possible breeding??

    Hi everyone, new to this site. I have a 90 gallon fish tank currently with rope fish and half banded spiny eels and I am documenting all kinds of things I haven’t been able to see anywhere else online. I have noticed that my eels are starting to turn colors when they want, they almost...
  2. E

    Wolf fish compatability

    Picked up a 265g the other day, 7'x2'x2', going to be housing some bichirs, a florida gar, a lima shovelnose, a female parachromis motaguense, and possibly a spiny eel, something like a dayi. Could a red wolf fit into this mix? Red wolf would end up being the smallest fish in the tank, and most...
  3. Iamfish

    No substrate with peacock eel?

    Would no substrate/tile work with a peacock eel if I have 3 structures each with multiple hiding spots or would he still be to stressed if he can't bury? He uses the hiding spots now but still buries for a decent amount of time. If he must bury I will change from gravel to sand but would...
  4. T

    Bichir and lesser spiny eel

    So for some background info, its a 75 gallon heavily planted tank with lots of caves and driftwood hiding places, I've had a lesser spiny eel in there for several months and its gotten along with all the other tank mates just fine, I put a senegal bichir in just last night and the eel will not...
  5. K

    Sick Black Spotted Spiny Eel

    Hey everyone, new to this website. I have a black spotted freshwater eel that has been much less active lately. I believe he is sick or injured, but I’m not sure which one nor which disease. He has one large white patch near his tail. He is approximately 8 inches long and about 10 months old. He...
  6. Narwhal

    Spiny Eels with African Cichlids

    So as I have been rearranging my tanks I was thinking of moving my Pundamilia nyererei in with my Spiny Eel. It is a Mastacembelus frenatus that is about 5.5-6 inches long. I have kept it with Cyps, but you can keep them with most community fish. I have wanted to put the eel in with my Lake...
  7. R

    Does this Fire Eel look healthy?

    Hello, A little over one month ago I purchased a Fire Eel. I've put all sorts of food in the tank but I have never seen him eat. I'm getting worried he'll starve to death. I've asked before how to tell if he's eating when I'm not looking. Most of the responses were "see if he looks too skinny"...
  8. R

    How to know if Fire Eel is eating?

    Hello, About 3 weeks ago I purchased a 6-8" Fire Eel. I am concerned because I have never seen him eat. I've provided a number of foods (listed below) but have not actually seen him consume anything. Is there a way to determine if he is actually eating? Food I've provided: - frozen Blood...
  9. Narwhal

    Where to get African Spiny Eels

    So I was really excited to have a Starry night eel, I was quarantining it, and it was eating, when the quarantine had a nitrate spike and I lost the eel. I have been trying to locate another one or another African species but they are not available though the supplier of my LFS where I found the...