1. Shape of Water

    For Sale  Light Based Pearl Stingray Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Live Fish

    Gorgeous Patterned Light Based Pearl Stingray Freshwater Gender: Male Disk Size: 8.5-9" in diameter. Diet: from Frozen to Pellet Age: 1-1.5 years old. Personality: Super interactive! Easy to raise. He will bring many joys into your aquarium. Housing: He has been in my 180 gallon and 220...
  2. P

    Do these stingrays look healthy + Which genger should I get?

    Hi everyone. Recently I have been considering getting 2 female pearl stingrays. Question 1: The following photos are of the selection at my lfs. I wanted a more expert opinion on how they looked, and if anyone notices any red flags. They all did appear to eat, and have been at the store for...
  3. Shape of Water

    Want to Buy  Stingray, Arowana, Discus Wanted. (Bucks County, PA)

    Hi, I have a 240 gallon tank setup. 5'X3'X2'. I'm looking into stock Stingray, Silver Arowana, and Discus. Anyone rehoming those fish? I don't mind to pay for a reasonable re-home fee. My Zip code is 19056. Please leave your contact when reply. Thanks.
  4. Josh's Fish

    Fish from the Orinoco in the Wild -

    I can finally share that I'm working on the design for Ivan Mikolji's latest book, Fish from the Orinoco in the Wild. It's over 300 pages, filled with 150 species, all photographed underwater, in the wild. There are plenty of Cichlids to read about, including some oddballs scattered throughout...
  5. agent1207

    Freshwater Stingray Territory/Habits Help?!

    Recently I have noticed that the stingray likes to stick to one half of the aquarium, and constantly only climbs up beside my powerheads on the side glass. Unless its feeding time when he goes nuts and searches everywhere for food and climbs the front glass, I generally do not see it going...
  6. J

    Motoro sting ray

    Hey guys, we have moved out stingray from old house to new, same tank and kept the same water from last place so that hasn’t changed however his side of the body has come off, and now front of his face has a bit broken off... Do you guys think it could be caused by stress or did he cut...
  7. TakeNotes


    Everything must go. Having my 3rd child in 5 months and its time to move on. ALL FISH MUST BE GONE BEFORE ANY EQUPIMENT IS SOLD. MAKE ME A REASONABLE OFFER ON WHAT YOUR INTERESTED IN. Package deals welcome. 3yr+ Pure Pearl Female 2yr+ Pure Pearl female 2.5+yr 1 Albino Male 2.5+yr 3yr Pure...
  8. S

    Constipated Stingray

    My Motoro stingray is extremely constipated. How do I help him?
  9. V

    Fish Room Build Thread

    So it begins A long dream of mine is realizing in front of my eyes as we speak. After a couple of years planning, buying a new house and not least hard negotiations with my significant other I can finally commence the building of my new fish room. General overview Large tank - 750 gallon...
  10. D

    For Sale  19" Adult Black Diamond Male

    Looking to sell my BD Male. He's roughly 19" in diameter and around 3-4 years old ready for breeding. He is 100% pellet trained and will eat sinking or floating pellets. Will eat shrimp/fish fillets as well. $1350 picked up. I am located in the Hartford, Connecticut area. Willing to drive up...
  11. R

    Want to Buy  Retic Stingray

    Anyone selling retic pups or know where to get one online? I haven’t seen them available for a long time.
  12. T

    For Sale  Female Pearl Stingray

    13-14'' Pearl Stingray Located in central Kentucky Would be willing to meet within a decent distance Contact me at (859-421-4524)
  13. agent1207

    NTT Datnoid with African Cichlids? Aquarium Upgrade Help! Pics attached.

    I am currently looking into upgrading my aquarium set up to a much larger system and was wondering if this could/would work. Right now, Aquarium #1 100 Gallon African Cichlids/ Central American 2x yellow lab 4in (known to get aggressive when larger) 1x zebra mbuna 3in (most aggressive in tank...
  14. B

    For Sale  14" Female Marbled Motoro for Sale

    Looking to get my girl a new home ASAP. I am getting out of the Stingray hobby. I have had her for 4 years. She is about 13-14" in diameter (disc) She is healthy, has been preggo and eat pellets. She was housed with her mate, but he was sold. I am motivated to sell but not to be ripped off...
  15. ptgabrys

    For Sale  10" pellet trained male stingray

    10" male pellet trained stingray. Extremely healthy, about a 14 months old, also readily eats any other frozen foods. Text @21673150338 with any more questions
  16. TakeNotes

    For Sale  ~11" BLACK DIAMOND MALE - 4yo+ - NY- New York- 800 pick-up ONLY.

    He's atleast 4 years old, had him about 2 years at least. New baby on the way, stepping out of the hobby. He is Healthy. Eats sinking pellets. Located in NY asking 800 OBO. Pick-up ONLY
  17. Z

    For Sale  FS- BD, Pearl, Marble, adult and subadult - Chicago

    Selling some of my adult and sub adult rays as I need to make room Marble Male - $350 - at about 8" was told he might be mini. Hasn't grown as far as i can tell in the roughly 3 months I owned him, but is eating everything Pearl Female - $480 - about 11", had her for about 12months since she...
  18. B

    For Sale  Marbled Motoro freshwater Stingray for sale in NJ

    14" diameter Marbled Motoro freshwater Stingray. She is beautiful. I have had her for over 4 years. She has been pregnant before. Eats pellets like a pig. She has outgrown her tank and needs a new home asap. I am getting out of the stingray hobby so i'd like to get this girl to someone who will...
  19. Z

    For Sale  Black Rays - Chicago pickup -$290

    Hello, Two BD cross 6" male rays currently available for sale, local pickup only, at $290. Eating live worms and small pieces of raw shrimp THey are the ones in the back, one in front has been sold.
  20. Z

    Now on MFK!!! - serving Chicago area

    Hello, Very excited to become an official MFK vendor. We are based out of the northwester edge of Dunning in Chicago (soon to be Des Plaines) and only provide local pickup of fish, absolutely no shipping under any circumstance, please don't ask. Through the focus on local sales only with some...