1. Super BD Stingray

    For Sale  Aug 9th stingrays shipment

    70 rays total coming in on 9th stock list: pure p14 standard pure black diamond high end black diamond standard base pearl albino gold diamond Leucistic key breeder pair goldenbase pearl albino special pearl (new in the state) red base pearl 75% hets here is some pics visit at our Facebook page...
  2. Super BD Stingray

    For Sale  Piebald female stingray

    Piebald female 5-6 $650 eating shrimps and bloodworms phone number 314-223-3574 shipping is available video for Piebald female
  3. Super BD Stingray

    For Sale  2 rays on discount

    female redbase missing tail but she still really pretty $500 pure black diamond male born like this $500 more cheaper for take both 314-223-3574 or find me on fb SuperBDStingray video for redbase female video for male black diamond
  4. Super BD Stingray

    For Sale  2goldenbase and 1black diamond stingrays

    2 goldenbase albino males 8-9inch 900 each 1 pure black diamond male 6-7 inch free shipping!!! 314-223-3574 or visit my Facebook page video for one of goldenbase video for other goldenbase video for black diamond
  5. P

    Weird spots on Stingray Disk

    Hi everyone, I recently have been noticing these spots on the disk of my male Pearl stingray. Please see photos. Any idea what could cause this? He is eating just fine, and there is no sign of aggression between him and his tank mates. It should be noted that he is currently housed with a Black...
  6. bobtheslob

    For Sale  Captive Bred Hystrix Rays For Sale (wallacei)

    I have 6 captive-bred hystrix rays for sale. I am selling them through my lfs, Ely's Tropical Fish, in Florham Park, Nj. They are about 2 months old and are currently eating blackworms and cut up nightcrawlers. They are 800 dollars EACH. If there are any questions, you can text me at...
  7. Z

    For Sale  PieBald ray and MBU Puffer

    14" MBU Puffer - $950 8"+ PieBald Male stingray - $950 Southwest airport shipping is available
  8. Balake2424

    Freshwater stingray water movement

    So I have some black diamond hybrids and I know their from river systems but I was wondering how much water movement do they like? obviously I have a power head in there but It’s only does 950 Gph, plus the filter that pushes lots of surface water around, it’s a 250 gallon But I have an extra...
  9. S

    For Sale  Albino Pearl Male 8”+

    Albino Pearl Male 8”+ High Quality! Eating Silversides, Shrimp, Scallops, Mussels, Clams, Squid and Octopus. Asking $1300 CAD Location Ontario (no shipping) just 30 minutes from the Port Huron, MI Border Crossing
  10. ptgabrys

    For Sale  10" Male Pearl Stingray (light base)

    I hate to list this guy, I've had him for over 2 years and he's absolutely stunning plus his personality is awesome. But, he's out growing my tank and deserves something much bigger. He eats literally any kind of pellet I drop in the tank, including swimming up the glass to grab floating...
  11. F

    Arowana sitting on bottom and twitching when swimming

    hi everyone, this is my first spot so if this is in the wrong spot please just direct me on where to go. I have had my asian arowana for about two weeks now, I put him in my 150gal with a small pearl stingray and a tiger datnoid. He was bullying the datnoid so i sold the datnoid, ever since...
  12. gordoncheers

    Motoro Rays Tankmates?

    any recommendations for tankmates for a motor ray?
  13. T

    Want to Buy  ISO pure mini marble motoros

    I'm looking for pure mini marble motoro's. Please let me know what you have! Thanks!
  14. S

    For Sale  Yellow Albino Pearl Stingray Male 8”+

    For Sale: Yellow Albino Pearl Stingray Male 8”+ (This is not a regular red Albino Pearl) Eating Silversides, Shrimp, Scallops, Mussels, Clams, Squid and Octopus. Asking $1700 CAD Location: Ontario
  15. L

    Are these medications safe for my ray?

    Hey guys, new to rays and I’ve had a male BD hybrid pup got about 2 weeks now. He has been through 2 rounds of prazi so far. I’m wondering if I can use the same premedication process I usually do on my fish. Levamisole hydrochloride or prazi for dewormer, and sulfaplex and maracyn 2 for...
  16. Shape of Water

    For Sale  Light Based Pearl Stingray Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Live Fish

    Gorgeous Patterned Light Based Pearl Stingray Freshwater Gender: Male Disk Size: 8.5-9" in diameter. Diet: from Frozen to Pellet Age: 1-1.5 years old. Personality: Super interactive! Easy to raise. He will bring many joys into your aquarium. Housing: He has been in my 180 gallon and 220...
  17. P

    Do these stingrays look healthy + Which genger should I get?

    Hi everyone. Recently I have been considering getting 2 female pearl stingrays. Question 1: The following photos are of the selection at my lfs. I wanted a more expert opinion on how they looked, and if anyone notices any red flags. They all did appear to eat, and have been at the store for...
  18. Shape of Water

    Want to Buy  Stingray, Arowana, Discus Wanted. (Bucks County, PA)

    Hi, I have a 240 gallon tank setup. 5'X3'X2'. I'm looking into stock Stingray, Silver Arowana, and Discus. Anyone rehoming those fish? I don't mind to pay for a reasonable re-home fee. My Zip code is 19056. Please leave your contact when reply. Thanks.
  19. Josh's Fish

    Fish from the Orinoco in the Wild -

    I can finally share that I'm working on the design for Ivan Mikolji's latest book, Fish from the Orinoco in the Wild. It's over 300 pages, filled with 150 species, all photographed underwater, in the wild. There are plenty of Cichlids to read about, including some oddballs scattered throughout...
  20. agent1207

    Freshwater Stingray Territory/Habits Help?!

    Recently I have noticed that the stingray likes to stick to one half of the aquarium, and constantly only climbs up beside my powerheads on the side glass. Unless its feeding time when he goes nuts and searches everywhere for food and climbs the front glass, I generally do not see it going...