sump help

  1. FishSwarm

    DIY junkyard sumps. What am I looking at?

    On to my next project! So I am setting up a couple junkyard 180's and I found these DIY sumps and think maybe they would make good filtration. These will be freshwater setups. I'm a complete sump noob and don't understand how these were originally setup. Looks like no matter what direction I...
  2. Greenboy

    AquaMedic Percula 120 sump removal

    Hi guys, I recently got a 2nd hand AquaMedic Percula 120 for free from a local guy who was downsizing. The problem is that it has a sump built into the back of it that takes up a good 48" x 6" x 24", so i plan on just using canister filters so my fish can utilise the extra swimming space...
  3. S

    wet dry sump

    I have a 240 g tank fresh just got the wet dry sump wanna do diy media, my question is how much media do i do if i'm using lava rock or pot scrubbers do i fill to the top like if i was using bio balls???
  4. T

    Setting up 150g with 55g sump

    Hi every one I am new here and this my first post. So I’m planning on setting up a 150 gallon aquarium with a 55 gallon as a sump underneath it. I have been into the hobby for about a year now and this would be my first big setup with sump. I would really appreciate any tips on what pump to use...
  5. D

    Help with new Aquarium Sump (Identify this sump please!?)

    I just bought a 110 gallon acrylic aquarium from craigslist. Its a restore job, but i got a great deal. It came with a sump. I know how to restore the acrylic, but i have never had a sump before. I watched a million videos on youtube on sumps, but i cant figure out what kind this is. The baffles...