sun catfish

  1. Zak03

    I need pleco ideas and advice

    So, I want to get a pleco that will go into a tank with my Oscar Cichlid and sun cats. The fish (Oscar and cats) are small at this point: 2”. But Imma still need a fish that’s going to grow big enough to not be hassled by the other fish. And I would also like the pleco to not be a...
  2. Zak03

    Depressed Oscar?

    So, i have two oscar cichlids, a sun cat, and a common pleco. all fish are under 3" and are in a 10 gallon tank. theyre in the 10gal while i reseal the bigger tank, dont worry. Tank decor: i used to have 4 natural rocks, 3 big, one medium as decor. i have gravel as a substrate. i had a lot of...
  3. Zak03

    Feeding my Sun Cat problems

    So I have a sun cat with 2 oscars. All three fish are about the same size 3-4" ( sun cat is slightly smaller). But im having trouble feeding my sun cat. I researched that you should feed the catfish so that it should always have slight bump in the belly. i havent able to acheive that. i feed my...
  4. Zak03

    Natural Plants in the Oscar Tank

    So, im using big natural rocks as decor in my tank. i washed them thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide, and then rinsed them and dried them before placing them in the tank. I've been using them for a few weeks now and i havent had any problems. But there is one thing. Moss started to grow two of...
  5. Zak03

    I got ICH

    Alright guys. So just several minutes ago, i noticed that my two small (2-3") oscars (red and tiger) have white spots on their fins. I researched it out how to diagnose ich, and realized that 1. they have been spending more time near the bottom of the tank, 2. the tiger's appetite is almost...
  6. Zak03

    Baby Sun Cat Behavior

    Hey, I have a baby sun cat in a 40 gallon tank (will upgrade when he grows older). I did a water change today, and rearranged the rocks/decor, although keeping them in the same general area. PROBLEM: The sun cat keeps "freaking out". Swimming frantically against the back glass wall. Other days...