1. Q

    Filament Barb - Growth on Tail

    Hello everyone, I havened posted in a while but I needed your help. Could you please help with diagnosing this spot on my fishes tail. I just appeared yesterday and she is the only one with it.
  2. Luxury Fish Keeping

    FS | FS Pink Tail Chaleus and Large Bala Sharks all at 7-8 inches | $60 | Westminster CA | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: FS Pink Tail Chaleus and Large Bala Sharks all at 7-8 inches What are your prices?: 50 Where are you located?: Westminster CA Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: FS 7-8 inches 2x Pink Tail Chaleus with very...
  3. aes1687


    Hey everyone, so about a year ago, i was keeping this baby juruense and it got sick. It completely lost its tail. Eventually, it started getting better, started eating and growing its tail back. However, only its upper tail grew back, not its lower tail. Ive left it be ever since, thinking that...
  4. E

    Jardini Arowana Fin Tail Disease

    Hello, I have a 5'' jardini arowana. I attached some pics of it. Is there anyone who knows what this disease that arowana has on its fin and tail. How can i cure it and what can i do to prevent this from happening again. Thank you very much. Best Regards, Ali
  5. Z

    Gar's back end keeps floating to surface

    My Florida gar jumped out over night. I threw him back in the tank this morning and he started to rehab movement. I then grabbed him and held him over the air stone thinking this would get everything to flow through his gills. He's swimming around fine but it looks like his butt wants to keep...