1. K

    Need advice in tank requirement

    Can i keep bichir in this tank size in a long term.. Tank dimension 3.5ft (long) x 2ft(width) x 1ft(height) ?? My bichir : 2 delhezi & 1 endlicheri. They still in 6-7 inch size
  2. L

    For Sale  75 gallon Aqueon Reef Ready tank

    I’m the original owner of this tank and it is in good shape. I used it for an all male Peacock tank with a pool filter sand bottom. The only reason I’m selling it is because I went with a 90 gallon without overflows. It comes with the overflow “accessory kit” that Aqueon/AllGlass/Oceanic sell...
  3. C

    Want to Buy  NEED A BOX 120!!

    I need a box 120 gallon tank asap, preferably with a stand but will buy without, im in Massachusetts but will go as far as RI. Box 120 is 4' long x 2' wide x 2' tall. Let me know what you have text 5082098014 thanks
  4. B

    For Sale  trying to help a neighbor rehome tanks and a pacu

    I am a tropical fish hobbyist writing from Los Angeles area trying to help a neighbor in a situation who needs to rehome his aquariums. I am reaching out here in part because of the pacu. He has two large tanks (approx 240g & approx 300g), a pacu about 18", two generic plecos and a variety of...
  5. Goldenburd

    Hydro heater problems HELP PLS MY FISH ARE BAKING ALIVE!

    So my hydor heater in my 55 Was set to 79 degrees F° and thermometers whers reading 91.3 F° and i though my thermometer was acting up but no every thermometer i put in the water it read 90 degrees F° so im confused so i turn the heater down 71 to see if it turned off and i did but no guarantee...
  6. HarleyK

    For Sale  220 gal tank = $220 + free stand + free driftwood

    Howdy, I’m moving and I can’t take my big glass tank with me. 72’’x24’’x29’’. Must go ASAP. My loss is your gain. $220 for the tank w/ glass canopy. Stand and driftwood and custom background (behind tank) are FREE for the buyer of the tank. PM me your cell number. Silicone is perfect between...
  7. M

    75g Geophagus, Apistogramma, Tetras and Plecos

    Hello everyone! I haven't had a tank for a few years now and the itch to get tanks again was really getting to me... so I gave in and purchased a 30 gallon tank. That lasted me two months, until I decided I needed something larger, so now I have both the 30 gallon tank and a 75 gallon tank...
  8. Aripiamakeeper01

    For Sale  90 gallon tank forsale

    90 gallon octagon tank!!!
  9. Plec123

    For Sale  FS: north jersey/ NYC area, PU ONLY, 38 gallon aquarium & stand w/ heater, 24/7 led light, and fluval 306

    Asking $200 for everything, pick up only, located in Montclair, New Jersey. Included are: 38 gallon aquarium (36" x 12" x 20") Aquarium stand (36" x 12" footprint, center cabinet, two open side cabinets with glass shelves. 1.5" Abrasions on front corner from puppy chewing ~8 years ago) Finnex...
  10. Aripiamakeeper01

    For Sale  90 gallon tank for sale!!!

    90 gallon octagon tank
  11. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Tank Size for Piranha

    So I am a beginner enthusiast and am wanting to start with Piranha. My question has to do with tank size as I hear the more piranha in a tank the better to give them more confidence. But this also means a bigger tank. So I was wondering if I had say 4 fish, how big a tank would I need? I've...
  12. Blakewater

    For Sale  240G Stand (8x2) For Sale! (Can Deliver)

    Selling an unused 96”x24”x29” tank stand In great shape. No wobbles or wiggles in it. Only selling because I’m moving and will build a new one to match the new home. Held over 2000lbs no problem. Can deliver depending on distance for a fee. Also willing to trade for heavier load building...
  13. the animal guy

    For Trade  60gl and 110gl aquariums

    60gl acrylic —- $80 110gl glass —— $140 Come Bare tanks only. Clean corners No chips Can neg trade both for a 4x2x2 glass tank.
  14. ukgoffer

    For Sale  240g - wide freshwater set up with 15" Hybrid Ray

    The prices below are retail. I am asking $3500 for the bundle with the Ray. The ray alone is selling for $1000. The Barb is free. Item Name - Retail Price Paid EHEIM canister 2262 - $425 (rated for up to 300g tank) Blueline external 100 HD pump (1900 GPH) - $325 Fluidized bed filter with...
  15. H

    For Sale  120 gallon tank with stand Bronx NY 10461

    120 gallon 4x2x2 ft tank with stand, heater Located in Bronx ny 10461 Asking $240
  16. Bsixxx

    For Sale  120 acrylic uniquarium socal. PU only $350

    120 gallon 4x2x2 acrylic uniquarium for sale. Tank, stand, tops, pump, bio balls, light, heater. $350 obo Up and running non stop about 6 months. Has no issues no leaks and is clear as can be. Stand could use some paint to be perfect again. No low ballers please. $350 obo socal pick up only. No...
  17. M

    Want to Buy  Looking for a 300 gallon tank in socal(San Diego)

    Hello I am looking to buy a 300 gallon tank in SoCal(preferably close to San Diego)but can pick up also. Preferably I want to the tank to be atleast 3ft wide and 3ft tall, also acrylic. but anything in these ranges will be looked at. Thanks in advance.
  18. Mr geophagus

    55 gallon for sale in Virginia beach

    I have an old 55 gallon I’m looking to sell. It’s a bit dirty, but with a the azor scraper you could get it as good as new. I’m hoping for $50 for it.
  19. Adrianrios1085

    F.S pick up only breeding pair jaguar Cichlid

    Proven breeders need gone ASAP Male 12in Female 8in 626 203 3120 120 obo Pick up only riverside ca
  20. Zak03

    Tank Cleaness

    Alright, so i have two oscars, one common pleco, and one sun catfish (all fish under 3") in a 10 gallon tank. Dont worry, i will upgrade to a bigger tank, theyre just in the 10 gallon while i reseal. i have bright green algea growing on the sides of the tank. i wipe it off, but it's back full...