1. M

    Just wanted to show off my tank

    Old pics but current stock 7 red terrors 1 saxatilis pike 1 venezulean pike 2 unknown (pos. Sax pikes) 1 vieja argentea 1 marbled goby 2 com plecos
  2. kim91

    FTS | 10-12" Australian arowana jardini | $160| Santa Ana 92704 | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FTS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: 10-12" Australian arowana jardini What are your prices?: 160 Where are you located?: SoCal Santa Ana Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: PRICE DROP!!! I hate to let him go...
  3. O

    Best Tanks on MFK

    Here's a thread to post your favorite tanks on MFK. Feel free to include yours if it's one of your favorites! Try to include a stock list. Here's links to mine: -H20's 4,000 gallon fiberglass tank (now in posession of BigRich)...
  4. K

    IN SEARCH OF: 800gal+ aquarium

    I am located in Central Ohio and looking for a 800gal (or larger) aquarium. I would prefer for it to be acrylic. I do not need the filtration or treatment setup. The tank will be used for mermaid shows at festivals and events around the state. please contact me with any leads or other...
  5. B

    My New 55g long Tropical Community Tank !

    Its been a long time since I have posted anything so just wanted to share my new tropical tank with you guys ADMINS can delete or move the thread its not in the proper category and apologies :-)
  6. saltydiver

    Double 10 gal sump/fuge suggestions?

    Hello again ladies and Gents, I don't post here often, but only because I can usually find the answers to any questions by perusing the "threads of old" so to speak. I am in the process of building a separate sump and fuge, each to occupy a Wally world white box 10 gallon. These will be...
  7. O

    15,000 Gallons of Fun - Stocking

    I posted a thread a few pages back, well I figured there should be a new thread since there's a new plan. Plan A is to build a 26x13x6 tank for 15,000 gallons, or Plan B which is a 38x13x6 tank for 22,000 gallons. I would prefer to go with Plan B - the stock is important, but it can change if...
  8. coles

    marineland stand not flush with floor

    So in quite a few areas ive found i could fit an envelope between the stand bottom and the laminate floor . Should i worry about this? If so, what can i do to alleviate the problem? And ive also come to the conclusion using a 4 foot level on the floor there are some low and high spots. Should i...
  9. FlanBurberry

    WTB Tank 90g+ Southern NY/Northern NJ/N.E. Connecticut

    I'm looking for either a 90, 125, 135, 150, 180+. Stand helpful, but not necessary (especially if it is not solid wood or metal). I am willing to pay substantially more if you are able to deliver it, I am located in Millbrook NY 12545. I'm definitely the type of person who is willing to pay...
  10. Y

    I need a tanganyika expert (Tank Build)

    I am trying to build my dream tank. I currently have a 36 gallon with 6 leleupi and 6 julies. I would like to put together a tank with Calvus (Black Inkfin), Compressiceps (Mwela Orange), cyprichromis leptosoma, Julidichromis ragni kipili or marksmithi, leleupis and maybe Frontosa (Kigoma} (I...
  11. N

    For Sale  WTS Black FGT

    Black fibreglass tank for sale Tank dimensions are as follows Length - 2ft Width - 2ft Height - 20 cm 2ft x 2ft x 20cm View/ deal east side at my place Letting go at $55 SMS/whatsapp 91173624 Thank you
  12. G

    My indo tiger cannot close mouth

    Hi guys need help with my dat. He recently panicked and hit the driftwood inside the tank head on. There is some wound near the mouth. The problem that I see is that his mouth is open and it seems he cannot close it. Can anyone recommend some things i can do to help him ? thanks !
  13. G

    heater for large tanks

    hi guys. I currently have a 350 gallon tank running with a 150 gallon sump tank filter. I need to bump up the temp to 31 degrees celsius since one of my rays is not eating well. I am using 2 pcs of 300 watt heaters on the tank. I notice that when i set the heater temp to 31 the tank's temp is...
  14. R

    Cichla intermedia or cichla kelberi?

    hello everybody i just got me a 210gallon tank and am getting a big show fish in which i choose to get a fish from the cichla genus to fill that spot, at first i was going to get a cichla melaniae xingu but they are not available for the next 3-4 months from the seller who im dealing with so...
  15. C

    Adding Smaller Cichlids with Larger

    Hi all! I have a black belt cichlid that needs to be moved out of its grow out tank since it is beginning to show aggression to others. This fish is 4 to 5 inches. At what size can I add this fish into a 300 gallon with much larger 9 to 10 inch cichlids (Jag, Bifa and Mayan)?
  16. H

    Cracked base on 5x2.7x2.7- 230gallon

    We have been given a tank with a cracked base. Considering im relatively handy is there any cheap and effective way of repairing?
  17. M

    Crazy Parachromis Dovii Waste!!??

    Hi everyone, new member and first thread. First I will give you the layout: 75 gallon bare bottom aquarium, Single 20" T5 (minimal makeshift lighting), powered by a Sunsun hw 505b canister. The inhabitants are nine Dovii grow-outs ranging from 2 to 3 inches. Now I'm not sure if this is an actual...
  18. redfish1

    How to grow Oscars fast?

    I have brought 4 Tiger Oscars from a local fish store.I keep them in a 300 Gallons tank with 2 Cat fishes,1 Giant Gourami and 1 Snakehead fish.I want to grow my Oscars upto maximum size they grow and I want MFK's help to grow them fast and maximum.
  19. A

    Red tail catfish temporary downsize

    Hello, i am new to this site so please let me know if im posting incorrectly. I have a red tail catfish. And he typically stays in my 180 gallon fish tank alone. He is about 16 or 17 inches, and is very healthy. However, two days ago, we had a very minor earthquake, that sent a crack straight...
  20. brittneyelz

    Need Help with my Canister

    i have Ehiem 3 canister filter in my 120gal. I have never had a canister filter before and my tank is starting to smell a little and im not sure how to fix the issue. there is a green tint to it that I cant seem to get rid of with weekly water changes ect. im sure there are a lot of different...