1. Benthebassmaster

    Green terror tank size

    What do u think is a proper tank size for a green terror. Gts are really cool and I was thinking of getting a tank for just one green terror so what is a tank size for 1 green terror
  2. Benthebassmaster

    Flowerhorn tank size

    Palmer aquatics from YouTube said a Flowerhorn could be in a 50 gallon tank. Do you think this is a proper tank size
  3. C

    Alternative for Freshwater Stingrays

    Hello, I am pretty new here. I am currently trying to stock a 300 gallon tank. It is 96 x 30 x 25. I have the following fish in an 80 gallon tank: 1 4" Jardini 2 3" Oscars 1 3" Peacock bass 1 4" Common Pleco 1 4" Tiger Shovelnose 1 3" Albino Bichir 1 4" Softshell turtle (sorry not a fish) 1...
  4. aGiantCichlid

    Can i keep a single butti in a 75 gallon?

    will a full grown butti cichlid be fine in a 75 gallon? it would be by itself/ oh and im aware there not a ca or sa cichlid i just see them talked about in here the most :)) i just wanted one cause i heard they have good personalities or more so interesting reactive personalities haah but if not...