1. DirtyPaws949

    For Sale  Random cichlids. Red tilapia, red devil (?), convict, Jack Dempsey

    Hey guys, I recently got a 60gal tank but it came with fish, some of which are not compatible. I also have a few fish from my established tanks that I’m looking to find new homes for due to overcrowding/bullying/breeding. •12-13” red tilapia. His coloring is pretty awesome, but he’s got a face...
  2. JordanJ

    Feeding frozen fish

    Here in the UK I’m having a hard time finding tilapia fillets. I can buy whole black tilapia in a local oriental supermarket but it’s not ideal. However whilst I was there I saw a few different species that people will recognise. My question is do people prefer to feed freshwater species of...
  3. TheMoneyTank(TMT)

    What fish are these ?!?!?! HELP

    So I went the lfs yesterday and saw a pair of cichlids about 9inches long I had no idea what they were I was thinking a tilapia of some sort but I'm unsure so any help is much appreciated
  4. B

    Do fish (bichir) need multivitamins in pellet food or can they eat tilapia/shrimp as a staple?

    Ex: Massivore/pellet foods contains vitamins. Reason I ask is because Massivore (don't mean to bash on Hikari) smells awful like poo but they will eat them. And I saw my bichir try to eat its own poo, I feed them once a day until they have stomach with slight bulges and they poop it out within...
  5. S

    Any good chiclid lure suggestions

    Im looking for good lures for oscars and mayans however if you have any suggestions for tilapia especially red belly that would be greatly appreciated.