1. Goldenburd

    General update on the 55 gallon

    Its been a few months since my last Upadate on the 55 gallon. First things first upgraded the lights to a finnex planted+ 24/7 (not using 24/7 to lazy to setup). Added scarlet temple into the tank along with a anubis. Plecos are breeding like crazy and i need to and otto cats into help the 3 SAE...
  2. AG458

    Tank Update!

    I've had my current 60g (long) tank up and running since last summer. Despite my taste for large fish, my current stock is doing very well together. My current stock is as listed below: x1 Common Plecostomus x1 Azul Peacock Bass x1 Polypterus Endlicheri x1 Silver Arowana (Surprise!) Please keep...
  3. N

    Electric Blue Acara and Green Terror.

    Hi... I need of a little advice please if anybody would be kind enough to help. My Electric Blue Acara and Green Terror have mated for the second time since I've had them (3 months max). First time, I left the eggs in the tank 2 days later they were all gone, as in eaten, I have yoyo loaches and...
  4. AG458

    Haven't shared in a while...

    Just a little update on my endli. He's now swimming around the tank a lot more, and he'll swim to the top of the tank when I feed him, rather than wait for the pellets to hit the ground. He hasn't grown very much, but he's awesome nonetheless. I've attached a couple pics of him I took recently...
  5. Magic Water

    New Flowerhorn

    Hi guys, posting here after a long long time. I kinda took a break after I lost last FH. Finally bit the bullet and got this little guy . Got him a week back, this was taken on DAY 1 Taken today, exactly a week later, he got some dress marks when I took my phone out Looking forward to your...
  6. AG458

    Cichla Update #2

    So Nitro's been getting bigger, off of the Hikari carnivore pellets and shrimp pellets I've been feeding him. He's not as crazy as he used to be, but he's right up at the front of the tank when it's feeding time. He's afraid of my datnoid-my small, shy datnoid-for some odd reason. He's an...
  7. Mbielek

    75 gal cichlid community tank update!!!

    Hello all! So after battling an algae bloom, and finally returning water to normal condition, I have taken some updated pics!! Let me know what you guys think. Tank contains 2 blood parrots, 1 green terror, 3 silver dollars and one pleco.
  8. Bubble girl

    FH update

    Today my flower horn is officially 4 years old so I decided to do another update. He is eating better, and seems less aggressive he used to be in a 80 gallon with my dads tiger oscar at first they didn't fight then later they started to, recently I had to put him back in the tank he is the same...
  9. Bubble girl

    Flowerhorn update

    IMy flowerhorn is getting better so im posting this for people.to see Also so.people dont think im dead The pictures make him seen a bit duller in.color then he really is the pink in the pictire is actually a really nice red Also any one know what zz fh this is