vulture catfish

  1. PrymeTyme-716

    Sad/Happy Day

    It is finally time to say goodbye to my finned family as they need more space to swim. Very sad that theyre leaving but happy they'll be moving to a bigger space. Time to start another amazon growout this time with crenicichla
  2. LimaShovelnoseSaltwater92

    Vulture “Motta” Catfish- tiny- any info?

    saw this at my LFS (yes, another). Wondering if anyone has any info on it. It is only about 1” and is called a vulture Motta. Here are some pictures. Size- care- aggression- anything appreciated . Thank you @thebiggerthebetter @Renegade Aquatics
  3. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Red ceder wood in aquariums ?

    So I've been doing some looking around for a while now trying to figure out if red ceder is safe to use, ( I have 2 large pieces in my 125 gallon setup) I found mixed opinions, some people saying no at all and some saying yes if it is old and boiled/ soaked properly. I have been having an issue...
  4. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Reverse Osmosis System

    I've been looking at starting up a Reverse Osmosis System to try and purify my tap water because I'm starting to think that my tap water contains high levels of nitrates and that is why I'm having a hard time keeping nitrates down in my 125 gallon setup. I've been looking at the RO unit that...
  5. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Catfish not having much of an appetite latley

    So as some of you know I have a nice 14 inch vulture cat that is by far my favorite fish and truly a pet to me rather than just a fish. The other day he was being a bit shy when trying to feed him which is not normal as he normally swims up the glass looking for food and will usually have no...
  6. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Water change why not

    Had nothing going on so figured I might as well do a water change why not can’t hurt nitrates are a bit hire than I’d like anyway