walking catfish

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    Keeping Red Bellied Piranhas With freshwater Moray Eel And Walking Catfish

    Hi I just introduced my two red bellied Piranhasabout 4 inches and 20-23cm long snowflake moray eel with my already existing full grown two walking catfishs. After I introduced them my W. Catfishs didn't bother my eel but it was disturbing my 2 Piranhas. I did put some mud and sand to the...
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    Green Terror face bitten by catfish

    Hey I’m new to monster fish keepers as a member and I’m wondering what to do about my green terror. I only had him a few days and I bought him and my walking catfish the same day and put them in a 75 gallon holding tank for now and within 48 hours the catfish who is 4.5 inches bit the face of my...