weather loach

  1. J

    Loach swollen belly?

    This dogo loach is one of three in a 180 gal with fancy goldfish for the past 4 years . I got him as a baby from a friend. I am concerned he is impacted with sand or I don't know. Very wide from top view. Looks like internal tears in the abdomen? Has been swollen I noticed for a few weeks. Only...
  2. A

    FREE  FS - Albino Golden Dojo loach - Martinez, CA - Pickup only

    So I have 1 very large (over 12") female albino (red eyes) golden doho loach and 2 juveniles (about 6", black eyes). I believe one of the juveniles is female and the other male. If you just want the large albino female, that is fine (but it would be great if you could take all 3). All 3 have...
  3. BichirQueen

    Something other than clown loaches.

    Here is my weather loach, Nola. She has weird scratches on her head, should I be worried?? She the oldest fish in my tank so we call her Grammy Nola. I wanna see other non-clown loaches (no hate). Not enough on here.
  4. vitaly

    My trip to Kiev's Nature Museum: Lots of Stuffed fish and Steller's Sea Cow

    Here are some pictures from my trip from Kiev Museum of Nature. Some these stuffed fish and animals are pretty old. I guessing, at least 60-70 years old. I had lots of fun. It was cool to see some of the fish that I personally had in my aquarium. But I guess back than they were considered...
  5. vitaly

    Catching Cobitis elongata (spotted weather loach)

    Here is another interesting fish we caught on Dniester River, a Spined Loach (also known as Spotted Weather Loach or Dojo Loach). I wasn't sure on scientific name. At first, I thought that it is Cobitis taenia. But now I think that it is Cobitis elongata. These guys get confused with other...
  6. vitaly

    Fish Collection On Dniester: some cool gobies

    Some pics of last week's fish collecting on Dniester (Tiraspol, Transnitria). 3 species of gobies and 1 weather loach Toad Goby (Mesogobius batrachocephalus) Round Goby (Neogobius melanostomus) Monkey Goby or Sand Goby ( Neogobius fluviatilis)...