wet/dry filter

  1. C

    Wet Dry and Fluidized Bed Filter?!!

    Hey ya'll, So I have read, and read, and read, watched hundreds of videos about the pros and cons of WDF vs FBF. I'm in the process of making my own wetdry/refugium/sump. So heres my issue.... I have heard the pros and cons of each, and have been trying to figure out how to do a wet/dry and...
  2. S

    wet dry sump

    I have a 240 g tank fresh just got the wet dry sump wanna do diy media, my question is how much media do i do if i'm using lava rock or pot scrubbers do i fill to the top like if i was using bio balls???
  3. M

    Overkill or not ? Bacteria Bloom!

    So I got my new tank, 55 gallon. Got 2 new filters for it.. 2 canisters, cascade 1000's 1 without filter media, (only bio balls) in every slot 25. second with filter pads, sponges, etc. etc. ( NO CARBON ) Prepped all rocks, for the tank.. Put them in a tub with Baking soda for 3 days, after...
  4. R

    265 finished (mostly)

    Picked up a 265 a few months back for 400 bucks due to a leaky seal. After resealing it and months of selecting what fish and what kind of setup I want to run I am finally about complete. Fish are in it and they are happy but I am still fine tuning for the next few weeks. Guess I should list...
  5. jvc66

    Stock Tank Wet/Dry filter

    Has anybody used a rubbermaid stock tank as a wet/dry filter before? Found one thread on here but was unable to view the images on it. Google search only shows using a whole stock tank as the filter for an aquarium. My idea would be to have one side for my media that will be elevated and the...
  6. R

    New 265 gallon for dovii

    Hey guys I am actually resealing a 265 right now in order to setup for my future dovii's. I did have a few questions on if my filtration is going to be able to support this big tank though. This is my first big tank so I would love a few pointers. Filters are: 2x Sun sun 304b 525gph with 9v...
  7. S

    Help with DIY wet/dry Filter

    This is my first post on the forum although I have been reading them for awhile. I designed a wet/dry That I would like some suggestions on. Also this is first time I have designed a wet/dry. I have been in the hobby for many years but have recently gotten into the DIY aspect of it. I'm looking...