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  1. xenacanth9

    Anyone keep "wild" bettas?

    Hi, I've been pondering a betta for my 29g. (neutral pH) I've kept splendens countless times in the past, and want to try something else. It seems as though most "wild" bettas require a crazily low pH, and my pH is about neutral. PH-wise, it seems as though I am just about limited to the...
  2. N

    Looking for alligator gar in Europe (Denmark)

    Hi I am looking to purchase 2 (maby 3) gator gars. I live in Denmark and I have gotten a couple of fish dealers working on finding some. I was just wondering if anyone in here knew a company that might be able to ship gator gars to Denmark 🙂
  3. A

    Want to Buy  WTB MBU Puffers

    Hi Everyone, On the hunt to find a MBU puffer. I am located in Miami, Florida but willing to pay for shipping. Please let me know if anyone has one they’re willing to sell. All the best, -AG