1. D

    For Sale  wild Polypterus Senegalus Bichir

    Hi got couple Wild Senegalus bichir 8-10" $50 I would say these are rare to find since its easier to get the captive bred ones.. good addition to your upper wild collection! PM if interested shipping is available...
  2. Blakewater

    New Wild Bois

    Just got back from the airport and finished acclimating these new additions. Fresh out of Columbia. A little stressed but I can already tell they’re ganna be gorgeous. Courtesy of Josh Tanks 👌
  3. J

    Black gar?

    Is this a true black gar, or is it just from breeding season(wild caught). Also, what the species would be(caught in Georgia).
  4. M

    Monster in making

    Wild Caught yesterday from a nearby waterbody......:headbang2
  5. Cowturtle

    Rays in their natural habitat

    Here's a pretty cool video of motoros in the wild they're attaching trackers to their tails. Here's another by the same guy in English. Here's a cool video of a castexi in some shallow water. And catching a Potamotrygon marinae If anyone has any other videos or pictures please share them...
  6. JESTERX626

    Rio esmeraldas festae. First time parents!

    It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on here, so hello. Here is my wild rio esmeraldas pair of festae with their three week old babies, currently a quarter of an inch big.
  7. B

    Wild caught pond UK

    So I had this idea to buy a small pond for my garden around 100 to 1000 litres (20 to 200 gallons) And keep fish I catch in rivers and lakes like freshwater bullheads,sticklebacks and one carp or trout and a eel if it's legal to catch and keep European eels so is this legal and would you...
  8. blackbullhead

    Dragon Knife

    Here's a super cool looking wild-caught dragon knifefish, Parapteronotus hasemani from the Amazon River. Really cool light coloration. Most of these get a really dark brown to black color. Sorry the photo is pretty low-res.