1. itrebebag99

    Should I Feed Fish in the Winter

    I keep my bullhead catfish in an unheated basement, and I figure that it should be fine, since they are native fish. However, since the water temperture has dropped, the bullhead has not been feeding very much, and is leaving lots of uneaten food. Should I stop feeding him, or reduce feeding to...
  2. itrebebag99

    How to Get Sunfish Out of Pond?

    Being a dummy, I released a small 2 inch longear sunfish into a small, but heavily weeded backyard goldfish pond. At the end of fall I dig around in the pond to remove all the goldfish to transport them inside. It is very difficult to net the brightly colored and slower moving goldfish, so I...
  3. R

    Heating a 180gallon

    I do have a 180g African cichlid tank. Everything is good on summer. The problem is It doesn't get as warm as I want in winter. additionally I don't have a canopy or any glass lids. will keeping a wooden canopy or a glass lid help in maintaining the heat in the tank? I checked the heater . No...
  4. B

    EMERGENCY! heated cave in outdoor pond for rtc

    Hey guys I have an issue and I need help fast. I have an 18 inch RTC in an outdoor pond. I live in san jose california and winter temperature ranges from 55 F in the morning-75 degrees highest( outside temp). sometimes the high is 65F. My Pond is very big and I dont know if the RTC can survive...