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Aug 9, 2019
I have had green anacondas for over 13 years. Biggest edging over 15ft. They do not spend 90 percent of their time in water. More like 60 percent. They will even devlope water blisters if kept in extreme moist or wet conditions. Many post on anacondas forums where people have issues even when using major filtration systems. Road to a happy anaconda is a large water source
to submerge its self and tons of leaf litter to burrow into. All about security.
I know this post is 9 years old but I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks this. I have a green anaconda and I do not care what anyone says I think it's disgusting putting a green anaconda in and enclosure with just a water dish that it can't even soak in. Now I don't expect people to go above and beyond like I did but if you are going to get an anaconda, make sure you have the room and the capabilities of giving it an appropriate enclosure. People can justify it all they want but I always go above and beyond for my animals. I don't care what people say the minimum is I will never keep my snakes in the minimum. My boas are all getting 8 to 10 foot enclosures. My green anaconda is getting an 11 by 6 enclosure with a six-by-six filtered heated pond with a drain and hose attached. I spoke to not only the zoo that houses anacondas but also a reptile rescue I worked at that has them and they gave me a a ton of details on a proper filtration system. The pond is also going to have lily pads and a fake fallen tree. She's going to have a hide that is perched over the pond and she's going to have a hide on the that is perched over the pond and she's going to have a hide on the dry side. The dry side also has an access hole that leads down to a sleep compartment. It's 4 by 6. She can hide down there too. If I'm going to have an animal that can get damn near 18ft I'm going to give it the best possible enclosure I can. It's so funny how many negative people that try and justify why they keep their snakes in tiny enclosures with barely any water. They always try and talk **** to me and say they don't need that much room it's too big blah blah blah. The zoo has a 7 ft anaconda in a 15 x 15 and it's thriving. No one ever walks into a zoo and says wow this Anaconda has too much room. That being said making sure there was clutter and places to hide was a priority. She has fake plants all over the enclosure. And she is doing fantastic. I left her alone for 2 weeks upon putting her in the enclosure and nothing has changed. Her feeding response is fantastic she's growing she's healthy. And this is a six foot snake in an 11 by 6. And once she grows above 12 ft I'm having a 16 x 16 walk in enclosure built. People can try and defend themselves all they want and justify them mistreating their anacondas but if you don't have the money or the space to give the Anaconda a proper enclosure then you shouldn't have one. Glad that someone else loves these animals as much as I do!
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