alternative medicine (around me) which?


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Jun 15, 2022
Have you tested your water?
If I did not test my water...
...I recognize that I will likely be asked to do a test, and that water tests are critical for solving freshwater health problems.
Do you do water changes?
What percentage of water do you change?
How frequently do you change your water?
Every two weeks
If I do not change my water...
...I recognize that I will likely be recommended to do a water change, and water changes are critical for preventing future freshwater health problems.
I'm holding methlyne blue, and aquarium salt. will buy dropsy fix(or epsom salt) as fish just got infected one eye.
Immediately do a water change (as yesterday do weekly water change) but missing the other medicine.

before that, what alternative medicine & for universal use? (prepare, future use)
medicine must have (KGTropicals & Prime Time Aquatic):
  • general cure
  • Maracyn
  • Melafix
  • Pimafix
  • ick medication
  • copper safe
  • para cleanse
  • expel P
some not available, or very expensive. like the general cure, Meracyn, Pimafix, para cleanse, ick medication, and more.
what are the alternative for them? and can fulfill multi task.

available: dropsy fix, acriflavine, epsom salt, ampicillin, melafix, parastop
  • general cure > ?
  • Maracyn > dropsy fix/epsom salt
  • Melafix > ?
  • Pimafix > methlyne blue
  • ick medication > Methlyne blue
  • copper safe > ?
  • para cleanse > ?
  • expel P > ?


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Jan 30, 2007
I suggest you buy or library loan a good fish disease book which lists diagnosis, core medication ingredients, dosages and how to use them. A couple of recommendations below but there are more.

* Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment
Book by Edward J. Noga

* The Manual of Fish Health by Chris Andrews

If some of the marketed fish medications are not available to you, you can simply make your own. More importantly you will come to understand why & when to use one treatment over another.


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Nov 28, 2011
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Remove melafix and pimafix from your list. Once an infection takes holds, it provides very little help for the cost.

Also, research the ingredient list for any medication. You'll find that it's easy to find other brands with the same medication.