Aquarium Filtration 101

Cichlids Are Special

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Sep 29, 2011
York, PA
This article is very informative. For my personal 75 Gallon African Cichlid tank I use three Aqua filter 300s. I like to turn my water at least 10x the volume of the tank per hour and with these filters I am turning around 900 gallons per hour. I particularly these type filters because they are easy to clean and access. I use a carbon, a sponge, and a bio bag in each filter. In my fish room, I use air pumps from JEHMCO to run sponges filters in each of my 150+ tanks. I agree that sponge is the most economical way to do the job with a large fish room and that was a major reason for choosing them.


Jack Dempsey
MFK Member
Sep 25, 2009
Saskatchewan, Canada
the fx5 purges air every 24hr. and i don;t know if 101 says anything about over filtering cause i can't read it very well, hard to see. but ya over filter buy a bigger filter then you need or add another. can't be to clean.
agree, I will always over filter my aquariums then the size needed....
600GPH on my 180gallon
275GPH on my 75gallon
250GPH on my 29gallon

You can never over filter your tank, I got messy fish like piranha/clown knife/cigar shark/goldfish/cichlids so I need this much filtration to crystal clear the tanks at all times