Arowana Tank / Pond Build


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Oct 17, 2009
Madurai, Tamilnadu, India
Hey folks. Finally after a long time I've started the work on my Arowana Tank.

The total tank volume will be around 2400+ gallons (tank + sump). The dimensions of the tank are 10'X7.5'X4' and the sump is 10'X2'X4'. A part of the tank will remain underground.. about 1.5'. I actually wanted to raise the tank above the ground but then thinking about costs involved,decided to go with the cheaper alternative. The other reason I opted to keep part of it in is because of the water temperature. I've always found the ponds in my house a lot warmer(though there are no heaters in there) than the glass tanks after a major rain or a cold night. And being in the subtropics / tropical climate there wont be major external heating for the tank.. though i plan to put in a chain of five 500 or 300 watt heaters.

The design part of it is primarily from David's Red Arowana Pondarium. The thread is . David has been extremely helpful in answering queries and clearing my doubts on his build. Thanks Bro.

In david's thread the sump serves for filtration. I'm still working on this. Because I dont have a major diy experience, at the moment I'm planning to stow all motors, filters, heaters etc into the sump. Filtration at the moment will be through 2 Boyu Gardening Bio Filters fed by 2 Pond pumps delivering 14000 L/h to each canister. The sump may be divided into 3 parts (not equal) and i'm still wondering if i should go for sand and lots of plants in one part to serve for natural filtration.

The tank will house my 4 silver Arowanas, 1 RTC, 2 Red Belly Pacu, 4 Oscars and 6 Plecos. The main aim of this build is to give these fish the space they need (I still think this is a not enough but it is better than cramming them in a 120G) but again with a budget. Aesthetics is out of the window and pure functionality is what this tank will be.

I've Posted a few pics from the last few days of work. Will keep posting as when work is completed.

The Pit - 11.5' X 11.5'

Another view

Sand & Stone

The concrete base was laid yesterday. Will get some pictures when the sun is out.


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Sep 5, 2010
Long Island, NY

Awesome! Subscribed.

All the best with your build.

Good to see a thread from a "brother"! I was born in and lived for quite a few years in Kerala. Been to Tamil Nadu a few times. :)