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Attention Members:

MFK has recently upgraded in order to more effectively classify information that is posted in our species forums. From now on, each forum will have available a media section that will allow for the posting of picture and video threads. These threads will be exclusively for posting video and pictures. All picture and video threads pertaining to the specific species can now be posted in the media forum pertaining to the genus or species of that particular forum, or the Photo Lounge. It's your choice.

No photo or video threads are to be posted in the informational sections sections unless it pertains to a discussion about the species. This addition has been made to make it easier for members to quickly access information about a species and to allow for the showcasing of collections within a particular forum.

In short, if you want to show off your collection, use the media section. If you have a question or informational post, it goes in the species forum. If you have a question on where your thread belongs, please send a Private Message to a staff member. This should make it easier for members to find what they are looking for.

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Oct 16, 2007
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you got it lupin.......... thanx for all the effort and time you have put forth to make this lounge more convieniant for us cichla fanatics..... GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!;):D

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Mar 5, 2008
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Wow I like it a lot thank you very much Lupin. We will do our best to remind everyone as well. It looks awesome. Thank you again I can see it was a lot of hard work. I especially like the part about showing off our collection. I guess we are some picture happy Cichla owner's. :headbang2


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Jan 27, 2006
Glad to see everyone likes it so far. Let's get more Cichla discussion going in the forum. Anybody who can send me a scientific paper on cichla that I haven't read gets an MFK related reward.


Viviendo la vida loca!
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I have to admit I am happy for the understanding and positive thoughts we've received from you, cichla enthusiasts. Much appreciated.:) If you have any threads that need moving to media, let us know. Report or PM will work.:thumbsup:
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