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Feb 10, 2014
All i can say is, i kept the arowana for a cousin. Was hoping for someone to take it but nope. And it lived just fine and the two new cudas are perfectly fine right now. Might of have been the condition of the previous cudas i bought. The two news are eating and perfectly fine. Ammonia, nitrate, ph, temps etc. are all STABLE. yall can go Q.Q and complain all yall want but i could careless. I was giving advice on what i've found through experience. And my first cuda was VERY timid and VERY SHY that is why it experienced the mouth rot. Noobs be complaining yall need to just take in the advice and experience i've had and take it in to consideration. SMH
Noone of your fish are suited for 20gallons? When you now that cant get a bigger tank for them, and your just stunting them! (Your letting there organs get to big for there bodyes, because they stop growing, but there organs dont, and this is very painful for the fish, and straight up animal abuse) Your not a series fish keeper, your selfish, that buy fish that you know are gonna die painful deaths in your way to small do to nitrite and ammonia poisening. And the fact that you had a 14 inch arowana in a 20g.. It couldnt turn probaly, and you havent learned you lesson. Barracudas, and arowanas are for people with bigger tanks. Your what makes the fish hobby bad..! What do you have to say in your defense, you better say you didnt know better, and that you have returned the barracudas.


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Nov 1, 2011
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Great old post! Love to see it come alive again. Got a little derailed there at the end. I just picked up two red tail. Have them in a 135gal with some SDs and some different gar pikes and a Hujeta gar. So far so good.


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Sep 21, 2018
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Thanks for all the great info. I figured I would contribute some.

I have had one yellow tail in a 180 gallon tank for about 3 months now. Normal acclimation, ph right around 7.0 to 7.4, 84 degrees F (dropping that some soon), Tank mates are 5 very large female mollies, red spotted gold severum, red tiger moto, Cuban cichlid, saxatilis pike cichlid, 3 geo altifrons, and a pike live bearer. Food has been small platies and larger endlers/guppies. No problems whatso ever at this point. The Cuban is big enough to eat him, but doesn't seem to like live food. I kept him in a 20 gallon high with a feeder platy for a month while I was waiting for the moto to grow some and he never ate it. The moto loves live food, although she is to small to eat him, but at current growth rate the moto will win the race, so I am keeping a close eye. Same with the sax pike. He is seldomly chased off by other fish as they keep to the bottom 2/3 and he keeps to the top 2/3. I know the mix is not a recommended mix. I like breaking rules and having interesting mixes. I plan on finding 2 more so they school, and I may also add a freshwater tarpon.