betta breeding


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Nov 13, 2023
From what I know need to be watching them closely. Females and males don't always get along especially with betas. They will just as sooner kill each other as they will get along and breed. From what I've learned with my daughters, males will create a bubble nest whether female is there or not, and you might think this is great and pop a female with him. But be warned this isn't necessarily a good sign. Her female kicked the crsp outta the male in about 20 seconds and sadly had to be separated, but thats not to say that will always happen. She even had a tank specially built with divider for see if they would get along.
Just be wary and keep a close watch. More then likely they will get along right away or they will hate each other immediately as well. There's always a chance though they may seem lovers but 20 min later the water turns red.
Good luck though. Betas aren't my cup of tea but pretty fish all the same.
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