Breeding Buttikoferi!!!


Jack Dempsey
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Sep 8, 2009
foolproof way to sex them is by looking at the vent. Males have 1 opening, females have 2. Less reliable is the way I described in the previous post.


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Jun 30, 2005
blackghostuk;3485707; said:
Hi guys. I had a wild caught pair of butties a few years ago. Male battered female in shop (small tank) so seperated. I bought them and put them in a 6x2x2 on their own. Male battered female (not badly). I gave them a pipe that female could get in and male couldnt.

Next day they were totally peaceful. Seems like he knew she could get away and so he never harmed her again. All I had in tank was gravel and that pipe. About a week later they spawned. They spawned about 5 or 6 times while I had them, and every time I left the young in with them til they were about 2-3 inches.

In all the time I had them they never showed any aggression towards each other, or the young, or me, apart from that first day. Completely placid and friendly - not even any aggression before breeding or while guarding. None whatsoever. If I went in while they were guarding they would approach me slowly and gently mouth my arm or hand, just going thru the motions. Whenever I fed them they would come and eat from my hand if I wanted them to. They were the most amazing fish I have ever kept in 37 years. I have had single butties since and most have been killers.

They are easy to sex, by the way, especially if you have a few. Males have larger, wider mouths and a steeper forehead. They have a 'ski jump' kind of forehead. This is obvious from about 3".

Just thought I'd share that with you guys. JMATTHEWVAN your pair are absolutely beautiful.
Thanks,I appreciate it! I was recently asked which fish I like the most in my tank and I said I the Buttis definately make the tank with their beauty and character...