Building My 50,000 Gallon Monster Mega Tank

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Jack Dempsey
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Jul 31, 2010
Richmond VA
I'm having a custom wooden stand build for a 600 to 900 acrylic tank right now. The reason why I'm doing this is I'm replacing the 1920's wooden dresser my glass 75 gallon tank sits on now due to safety concerns. I also want to upgrade to a colossal tank when I move out of my parents house.

I'm in the process of buying two to twelve acres of land in my home county to build a steel building house. I do have very active plans of knocking your tank out of first place in terms of largest tank on monster fish keepers or making a run for second place.

The two fish tank options I'm looking at right now are having a 8000 to 80,000 gallon concrete tank pored into the floor of walk out basement of the steel building and having several large acrylic viewing windows look out into it.

My question is would it be fairly cheap to have a giant cement tank pored into the foundation of a metal garage building if I have to pore concrete anyway for the walls and the floor of the basement? If I move I could always take out the windows and leave the old tank as a storage room or sell it to some monster fish keeper.

The second option is having a giant 3000 gallon to 20,000 gallon giant fiberglass tank with viewing windows in it. The idea behind this is that if I move I can take the fiberglass tank apart and move it to the next house.

The third idea I'm looking at is having a giant 2300 gallon acrylic hexagon tank or a giant rectangle tank built and brought into the main living room of the house.


Feeder Fish
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Jul 1, 2015
Wow... awesome!

I am planning a similar project (11 000 gallons sea water... discussion and planning here: and I am looking for any experience I can find and I guess you're the most experienced of all... ;)

It would be great if you could help me with a few questions:

1) How did you make the concrete basin water tight? Epoxy sealant? Plastic liner?
2) Over the years, did you ever have any leakage problems?
3) in retrospect, what youd you have done differently?

Your input would be incredibly welcome... thanks a lot!
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