Can someone identify this please. Either some kind of disease or heater burns?


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Jul 29, 2018
20181105_114432.jpg 20181105_114241.jpg 20181105_114733.jpg 20181105_114226.jpg I went to feed my pair of Convict's this morning and I found the female in this condition. This had to of happened sometime within the past 8 hrs when I was asleep because she was fine when I went to bed. Its odd because the lesions are on both sides of her body in the exact same place and nowhere else.
They have 2 day old fry swimming around and she is still attacking the scrubber when I put it in the tank so she must not be feeling too badly. If anyone can confirm this is heater burn or not. ALSO what do I need to treat this with? I would appreciate it.

20181105_114432.jpg 20181105_114241.jpg 20181105_114733.jpg 20181105_114226.jpg
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Nov 28, 2011
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I would change the heater out. Is that your heater in the last picture? It looks like it is crusted over underwater. If she is rubbing on the heater then the water maybe getting too cold overnight.

Although, it's unusual for a fish to get heater burns on both sides, basically it's asking to get burned twice. I would try something like Seachem Paraguard and dose everyday for at least 1 week. I've never used it on new hatchlings before.


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Mar 9, 2017
I doubt those are heater burns. If she’s caring for fry she won’t be hanging out that high up at night. Unless you’ve seen her doing this?

I think it looks like she’s been fighting with another fish that’s been ramming her.
In this case I just salt the tank half the amount you’d use to treat ich. Or use a different anti fungal.