Crenicichla chicha


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This section of the forum does not get much attention. So.. I figured I'd share a photo or two of a species most have never seen. ;)

Crenicichla chicha 'Rio Papagaio' WC

Uber rare, dropping beautiful, multi-colored, medium growing, wild collected pike cichlid from Rio Papagaio, Mato Grosso State of Brazil.
Little is documented on this species but what we know is that is it documented to grow to only about 6"(although I think we are still unsure of that as this fish is so rare that it is doubtful anyone has raised one to old age yet) and it comes from a very remote region, which is why we have never had them in the US or really anywhere else until recent.
I was able to have these collected and successfully imported to the US on two occasions (potentially the first and only times ever to the US) both in 2022 while having other collections done down in that part of Brazil. So far it seems to do very well with several other species. I have kept them with Geophagus sveni from Rio Parana, Heros efascaiatus Rio Tapajos & notatus from Rio Jurua, and currently have some hanging out with Geophagus neambi Rio Tocantins as well as some Ancistrus claro LDA008 from Rio Claro. Being a riverine species they do not seem to mind it cooler. I keep them currently at 77 degrees in neutral pH water and they greedily accept 3mm pellets and even flakes.
on a scale of rare fish these would rate in the 8-10 range.



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Mar 3, 2010
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Hopefully you get them again whenever my Venezuela goes to the big tank in the sky. I have a group of neambi that I got from you last April, do you have any pics of the pike along side the geos?