Debunked: CO2-Myth --- See tanks without carbon dioxide fertilization


Feeder Fish
MFK Member
Oct 10, 2017
It is a gross misconception that Amano style tanks are short lived...many tanks by amano himself have been running for 20+ years and can be amseen at the ADA gallery. Where it is true that SOME contest tanks are scapd, matured and torn down....this is not out of necessity or unsustainability , it is by design. Grow for a year or more to mature the design and take the perfectly times shot. Tear down and start again for next year. Some do remain up for years. But competitive scapers all have long term tanks as well.

Another massive misconception is that co2 injected tanks require constant trimming whereas low tech don't. I have to trim my low tech tanks once a week whereas my co2 injected tanks i only trim every two or three weeks.

In your attempt to debunk the co2 "myth" you just revealed more myths about the differences between high and low tech....each style has their extremes but at their core they are only separated by the use of co2.