DIY Filter Compilation


Goliath Tigerfish
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Dec 12, 2005
I have that exact pump for about a year now. So far so good. Fairly quiet as well.
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Goliath Tigerfish
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Sep 5, 2010
Long island, NY
I found that the krylon fusion bubbles off after being submerged after a short time. Now I just use black electricial tape and haven’t had any issues with it coming off.
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Sep 5, 2012
Country lake estates, New Jersey
I haven't figured out how to start a new thread so I'm going to insert it in here. Moderators please excuse a newby.
I'm putting a large tank display DIY filter together. I don't like the noise, water splash and insufficient submersible pump issues associated with sumps so, I'm going with a self sustained 5 gallon bucket canister.
Here's what I have so far but, it's a work in progress:

View attachment 1317074View attachment 1317075View attachment 1317076View attachment 1317077

I have the 'canister packed with approx 15lbs of lava rock, topped with 1.5" of boi foam material, with floss on top of it.
As you can see the intake is gravity fed like many canister filters. There are disconnects before and after it for routine maintenance. The pump should be sufficient to move enough water .
The intake/output plumbing is painted with Krylon plastic paint that is safe for aquarium use after it dries.
I have optional plumbing to piggyback a second canister of the same configuration should the need arise.
In the past I have used very large Ehiem canisters but always found the return pumps to be insufficient. In time the thin plastic construction would degrade and leak, I solved that problem using sched 40-80 pvc and adding a kick butt return pump.
It's not up and running yet but my integrity water containment test is quit promising.
I will report my progress once the unit is attached and cycling the tank.
How do you like that? I want to build one to replace my aquatop 370


Feeder Fish
Jun 30, 2019
What type of hose did you use for this project? I'm planning on setting one up here soon and I like the look of it. Do you have any shots of the completed sump up and running?
I used 25mm non kink pond hose, you can virtually tie it in knots and won't kink.
I'll post a pic of the sump soon, it's been up and running for a while now and flows great.
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