DIY Overflow 101 - The Mysteries Explained

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Apr 28, 2006
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Here's an explaination of some of the DIY Overflow's simplest questions, such as how you get water to flow over the edge of the tank. It covers priming the overflow and start up, and some other information. (The volume is pretty weak in the videos so be ready to adjust for it.)

Here's the layout for all of the parts for the overflows seen in the video.
A word to the wise: When you build this, keep the inside and outside bottom loops even. If you try to reinvent this, you will run into problems.

And another video relating the DIY Overflow to a box overflow. Notice the similarity of the above plans with the overflow layed out to the design of the box overflow.

And finally, here is a really good explanation of the operation of the DIY Overflow. This .gif was created by ar0wan. Thanks for the great representation.

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