DIY styrofoam background + rocks


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Apr 22, 2006
Thanks for the comments. Haven't logged on in a while.

Apisto - with this style of aquarium the bottom of the tank is supported by a plastic rim and the bottom glass never comes in contact with the stand, so edge support is all that is needed.

redman88 - I think oil-based drylok is has a greater chance of leaching toxins into the water. I've never come across water based drylok. I've successfully used the latex-based stuff before and so have others, so I thought it was best to stick with that.

steven - good eye, these nu-clear canisters were re-purposed from my paludarium. I had to redo the plumbing to make it all fit in a much smaller space but I'm pretty happy with how I got it set up. It's some really powerful filtration in an efficient use of space. I had originally built a matching canopy to go with the stand but I didn't like how restrictive it was so I got scrapped it. I think I'm going to just leave it uncovered.

The tank is looking really nice right now. I've got the LED lights set up and added a dozen praecox rainbows for the initial inhabitants. Still trying to find a local source for some calvus and synodontis. Will post some more updates once I get some more interesting stock.