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Feb 4, 2015
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Hello everyone!

Regrettably I'm having to part ways with my tanks at this time. I've owned everything since new, and have had all fish for multiple years. Would like to keep the fish together as they seem to all get along really well.

Willing to sell fish and tanks separately, but MUST sell fish BEFORE tanks.

Whats for sale:
1. 75g- 48×16×16 marineland setup with 120g aquaclear HOB filter, eheim heater, aireator, and white/blue led lights. Lid seams will probably need to be replaced soon.

75g Stock: 8 clown loaches 3-5" w/ largest having unique pattern, L114 4-5", 1 red tail shark, 3 misc cory catfish, chinese algae eater, 2 wood shrimp
(Loaches must stay together, but can probably be talked into parting out the others)

Price: $250obo for tank and equipment, $500 firm for tank and all fish

Individual Fish Prices:
8x clownloach $250 (must buy all)
L114 $150
3x cory catfish $10 for all (must buy all)
Red tail shark $10
Chinese algae eater $10
2x wood shrimp $40 for both (must buy both)
All fish are fed hikari bottom fish and carnivore pellets, hikari frozen bloodworms, and omega 1 flakes

2. 40g- 24x16x16 marineland set up with 75g aquaclear HOB, eheim heater, white/blue led light, gravel substrate
40g Stock: 10-15 guppies, 4 mollies, 1 peacock eel, 1 danio, 1 tetra
All fish are fed omega 1 tropical fish flakes and hikari frozen bloodworms

Price: $175 for tank and equipment, $200 including fish firm

3. Misc Equipment
20g tank - $25
20g whisper HOB - $15
Both 20g items above for $35
10g tank - $15
10g whisper HOB - $10
Both 10g items above for $20
5g tank - $10
Python siphon 50' - $40
Python siphon 5' - $5
Large driftwood centerpiece $150

Also have lots of small misc items I can add for people buying whole set ups.

I feel as though these prices are pretty fair and am going to be firm on most these prices unless youre buying a lot of items.20190826_190156.jpg20190826_165756.jpg20190826_190348.jpg20190826_190442.jpg20190826_190816.jpg20190826_190824.jpg20190330_203932.jpg20160218_142246.jpg


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