Farewell to my 75 gallon New World cichlid tank


MFK Member
Jun 17, 2023
Western North Carolina
This was the last picture I took before I broke it down last weekend. It’s not a bad thing - everything got moved to a 185 gallon - but it still made me a little sad to destroy what I had put so much work into creating.

I’ve had a few tanks over the years since I was a kid, but didn’t get into it seriously until a few years ago when I moved to a small windowless office at work and got permission to have a little shrimp tank on my desk. Things kind of took off from there and at one point I had nine tanks, mostly nano fish and bettas. I’m gradually consolidating down to one tank at work (the three gallon became a 20g long) and a couple of big tanks at home.

This 75 was my first foray into ‘big fish’ in general and cichlids in particular and I swore it was as big as I was going to go with tanks. Seven months later there was a giant used acrylic tank taking up the whole entryway to my house, waiting to be rehabbed and set up. I ‘swear’ that’s the last one. ;-)