feeders for BGK and ABK?


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Jun 26, 2009
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So I've got a 75 gallon planted South American tank with a black ghost knife and a 38 gallon planted West African tank with an African brown knife. Summer's coming and I'm gonna be going on a few trips... A lot of my other fish (smaller cichlids and various loricariids mostly) will likely be fine over these trips as they'll pick at algae, microscopic inverts, etc. But I'm a little worried about the knives. I'm considering adding smaller fish/inverts to the tanks before vacation so the knives will have food, should they get hungry and wanna be predatory. Has anyone here used live food with their knives before? The ABK eats pretty much anything from pellets to frozen to flakes to smaller fish, but the BGK is picky and only likes his frozen stuff. Hasn't gone after any of his tankmates yet. I was thinking of adding some neons or brass tetras to the BGK's tank so he could pick them off while I'm away. Not too sure what to do for the ABK as he's in a west African biotope tank and options are limited.

Anyone got any input on this? Am I overthinking their need for food during the 5-7 day periods that I'll be away?


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Jan 14, 2016
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They'll be fine over these periods, I had a group of African knives that only got fed 2/3 times during a 3.5 week holiday. Live feeders shouldn't be necessary, just do a good WC before you go.
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