Fish-To-Human Disease Transfer Risks


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Apr 27, 2005
I keep big dispensers of hand sanitizer around the hatchery. It's alcohol-based and rinses right off after using it so I don't introduce soaps (alkalis) into my tanks. IMO, I also see the sanitizer as helping to prevent pathogen transfer from one tank to another as I'm working around the tanks.

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Aug 28, 2016
Hello Oddball, I came across your thread as research for symptoms I am having. Most symptoms are very particular to the ones you mentioned. I believe it may be something I have. But here is my question, how am I suppose to make a doctor believe me if they are pretty much either not aware of such condition and or if they are knowledgeable enough to make such diagnosis. I recently cleaned out a freshwater fish tank of mine and days after noticed a difference within myself. My 1 year old daughter has been showing symptoms like vomiting and now she seems very tiredifferent having a hard time breathing. I was diagnosed with a different condition a couple days ago but highly doubt that is what is wrong. Also my fiance has been having similar symptoms. We all came in contact with the water, coral, rock and or fish. Is it possible they might have this also? Is this like a parasite? Is there any antibiotics over the counter that can be administered before I get a chance to see an infectious disease practitioner? Had the worst experience in E.R. this morning with my daughter, I alerted everyone of the condition but no one seemed to have knowledge of this. I left upset and with no type of treatment to start. Don't wish to let make anything get worst. Hope you can help. It would be greatly appreciated. F.Y.I a day after coming in contact and doing maintenance to my aquarium a fish died, today another has died also. Fish are becoming aggressive and some won't eat.


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Jul 23, 2017
To avoid starting siphonning the tank by using one's mouth (like some people in this thread said they did) I have a little trick. You can just fill the hose you want to use with water under a faucet and when it is full you block both ends with your fingers. Then still holding it you put one end in the tank and the other above the bucket where you want to put the dirty water. Finally, you release both ends at the same time and the tank starts draining.
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