FIU Panther's 125G: Oscar Tank


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Dec 21, 2018
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I'll be using this thread to keep a log of my 125g oscar tank where I'll post update pics and questions I may have come up in the future regarding these guys.

I spent two weekends looking for a (1) red oscar and (1) albino/lutino oscar all throughout my area with no luck. This is a fish that is usually at every big box store/lfs so it's been a strange situation. I decided on these guys after a previous post I had where some of the more experienced members suggested I stick with a soft water species due to my soft water KH3/GH5. Jexnell's posts about "Toni" were what sealed the deal on the species.

This led to me picking up two albino/lutino oscars and an electric blue acara today at Petsmart. I called a bunch of places and went to a few LFS and the availability was zero except for one LFS selling "lemon" oscars which looked like lutino's but were in bad shape.

The guys I picked up today are currently in a 20g(H) for quarantine/observation and will be transferred to an unstocked 125g once their quarantine is over. The 125g is being filtered by 2 AC110 and 4 Hydro Sponges. I have an FX6 in storage I don't use for future use if I ever decide I need it; I'm not a fan of canister filters as I find them a pain to clean.

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BOOBLE EYES!!! So cute.

You'll need names of course.
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