Five spiny eels, 2 tiretrack and 3 black spot, 2'+ in 240 gal


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Dec 31, 2009
Naples, FL, USA
We have adopted out one of the three black spot eels, the smallest one at about 22", supposedly a male, and left two 3-footers, supposedly females.

So all that's left are the two jumbo spotted. Gotta get more and start over again with the tire track and possibly fire. There is one more great one, I forget, Borneo? That grows large too, larger that the peacock, zigzag, and smaller Co.

Our last tire track eel has called it quits. IDK why. We have had an unknown pathogen taking out fish off and on for years in that 25K gal water system (14K sump, 2x 4500, and 1800), perhaps this is it, who knows... In retrospect we know the eel had been on a bad diet of cheap Ziegler aquaculture pellets for 4-5 years too, so that hasn't helped at all I am sure. Not pellets exclusive, I offered fish pieces too, but it ate anything and everything. Swollen up and perished.

28" at ~8 years old. Got it at 1 foot in 2015. They have deep set and surprisingly large, sharp, jagged teeth!

It has always been so dark, the striking tire track pattern almost invisible. IDK why either.