From fresh to salt


Feeder Fish
MFK Member
Jul 13, 2019
This post will be offensive to some viewers due to it's extremely sacrilegious content...

On my 75gal marine only salt I run:
1 fluval 405 full of ceramic rings and floss, With the intake near the surface.

1 tidal 75 hob with purigen, phosguard and more floss, intake 3 inches off the bottom

2 powerheads with air attached to under gravel across the live rock

NO protein skimmer.

With that setup, a 25% water change every 3 months is all the maintenance it needs. Weekly maintenance is a top off and monitoring the various water quality things which are always stable and perfect.

Salt isn't that scary or even a ton of work! Just have fun with it and a canister is still useful and great.