FS: live stock. Getting out the FW hobby


Feeder Fish
Apr 23, 2019
Well decided to shut down my tanks and get back into the saltwater keeping world. I have plenty of equipment but first need to purge the live stock.
First thing is first, don’t bother to lowball me your just wasting your time and mines. 2nd I’m open to trades with saltwater equipment depending what the item is.

So here we go........
blue eyed panaque cochliodon 7” $400
Hypostomus luteus 12" phase 1 from Wes! $425
12- L046 1.5”-2.25”Hypancistrus Zebra selling as a group only!!!!!! 175/each $2100
Golden Nugget Pleco 2.74” $45
Three Beacon Pleco 5” $50
3-butterfly Plecos 5” $20/each or 3/$50
6-clown loaches 2”-2.5” $15/each or $75/for all 6
3-Altum Angel med sized eating and heathy $75/each
2-Dantum Albino Angel small eating and healthy $45/each
2-Platinum Angels small $8/for both
2-Koi Angels Med-large $5/ for both
1-marble Angel Large $5
1-Black Pinoy Angel Large$5
5-Altolamprologus compressiceps (Muzi gold head) 1-M & 4-F selling as a group. $175 for the group
12- Copadichromis Nkanda Golds Juvies 1” $12/each or $100 for the group

Once all the live stock are sold then I’ll post the dry goods.

Please PM and I can Send you pictures and Videos.

Thanks for looking
Interested in all altums. Are they acclimated to tap water and eating? I'll pay for shipping