G. sulcata (tortoise) temperature


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Apr 17, 2011
MoBay, Jamaica
So, it's "winter". Our lad "Wee Stomper" lives outside in the fenced 1.2 acre garden, is about 11yoa and 70~80lbs depending on breakfast.
Our previous place was down by the sea, so coldest of cold days was ~25C, hottest of hot was a debilitatingly humid 36C. We've moved up into the hills behind the town, alt. ~1600'. Hottest of hot summer is ~32C, coldest of cold winters nights ~16, but this is during storms (usually ~23) back up well into 20s as soon as the sun comes up, and usually there's plenty of hot-sun for basking.

Q: recently we've been going through a longer-term low-pressure event erring towards 2weeks, so night is a reasonable 21~23C but there's not much sunshine through the day & he's maybe not warming up as much as he'd like to. His poop seems to be less digested than normal - greener & leafier rather than brown mushier. Should I worry? Should I be supplementing diet with easier-digesting stuff?
Otherwise no notable slowing of activity, nor eye & nose watering suggesting infection/issue. I'm keeping watch, yes.
Yes, I bring him inside whenever the weatherman suggests a dip below 20C. To be honest, he seems to know & comes in on his own... not good for the wife's 1950's hardwood floors, no.