Glass Thickness Guide


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Dec 16, 2017
Hello everyone,

I would like to get a 7Lx3Wx2H built in NSW.

Do anyone know where I can find a good reputable place to build this custom tank?

I probably need a SUMP made as well.



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Sep 7, 2019
hi, i need advice for a diy tank, i made a L160cm x H65cm x W55cm using 12 mm tempered all sides, and this tank is rimless without any bracing, do u think the thickness of the tempered glass is enough for that size?
i made it but havent got the chance to try it, so i want to make sure about it here.



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Nov 29, 2019
I live here in Brisbane and own a tank from this retailer. Aquariumrus, woollowin, Brisbane. I have had the one I own in storage and I cracked it, (my fault). I am pulling it apart and rebuilding it. Honestly? This tank is one of the poorest quality glass tanks I have ever seen. The price is great. The quality is horrendous. The OP is simply advertising his business here with this glass thickness post.

I have no interest in commenting negatively or adversely affecting your sales. But if your going to give safety recommendations for others these specifications are not safe. Your actual tanks you make are of the cheapest price and cheapest quality also. The base panel on my 36x15x18 is pretty thick it’s laminated glass hoewever. The end pieces are thinner than the front and back. The silicone seal is so thick everywhere near the base joins I can can barely slice them apart and the seal looks rushed, rough, messy and way in excess to the point it’s ugly.
I give you this scathing feedback because you said best tanks in Brisbane. I guess that’s true if you want a very cheap tank that’s of similar build quality. Would I buy a 6 foot tank off you and have it in my living room with my kids playing beneath it? No way that’s crazy, considering, thickness, build quality. These tanks I would use personally in a garden outside away from children for those reasons.
Yes you can can’t buy a tank of your size for similar price elsewhere, but a 6 foot tank elsewhere is safer and overall looks way nicer with properly machined edges, not just a rough stone up remove burrs like yours are.